How to start a YouTube channel and become a YouTuber?

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Here in the page, I'm going to describe not only to become YouTuber vlogger but also with huge subscriber list to grow your YouTube channel successfully. keep reading to know how you can grow your YouTube carrier with real followers.

Consider these 15 things for becoming a YouTuber vlogger successfully:

1. What kind of success matters to you?

Success YouTuber means everything to everyone but as far as YouTube is concerned, there are few types in success and the reason being I am posting this question right at the top. The ultimate aim behind doing anything is to earn big money but for YouTubers success is not all about earning big money.

There are some things that decide your success on YouTube. If your views are getting raised from only 100 to 10000, then this can be considered a success for you. If more viewers are converted into subscribers, then this can be considered as a success for you. If you are getting more people engaged with your channel, then this also can be supposed to be a success for you. So it depends a lot more on what kind of success you expect as a YouTuber and it is important too so as to workout accordingly to get it.

Think first, you are diving in a see and you need to decide your target. I mean you have to decide how far you want to go into a sea as it's too long and also too deep.

2. Consistency.

Almost every post that I have seen, read and written on success contains this point “consistency“.

Yeah, and it's true that consistency is an integral part to be successful.

A consistent hammer breaks the stone” is and will always be my favorite example to express how much consistency is important. Remember it takes consistent 21 days for a chicken to hatch an egg. It doesn't really matter whether you upload videos per week or 16 per week. But it does that you upload it on stated time that is almost the same time for each video. Such consistency would let your subscribers feel that you value their time.

Choose your favorite days of a week and upload it on those days every week. This way your subscribers will look for your content only at your stated time. In case if you are going to miss a day, don't forget to inform your subscribers on YouTube Channel as well as social media.

3. Unique content.

YouTube channel

YouTube is filled with a load of content and videos. There are a huge number of YouTubers who are hanging around to get what they want from YouTube. It's not an easy task for anyone. So to stand out tall in this cut-throat competition, you need to be different from all the others and for that creating high-quality content is very important.

Quality comes with uniqueness but it is a bit difficult to create totally unique and different content on YouTube. You may find some or more channels having content similar to you. So it's up to you now that how you decorate your content and make it interesting for the viewers to get engaged in your video. Either you can create content that you are passionate about or the content people like to watch more (just like trending topics). Whichever you choose, remember you should not compromise with the quality of content.

You should always maintain the quality throughout. As I said its difficult to be unique and different but you have to. There is no choice. Search it over YouTube and think about how can you make it unique. Don't ever hesitate to expose what you know or think but be relevant.

4. Video quality.

A thing that matters more after a content quality is video quality. Whatever content you produce on YouTube, along with the content quality you should also prioritize video quality.

Your videos should belong to high quality and it should be maintained throughout, for that you can get some important tips from some famous vloggers. In such a case, a device with which you shoot a video plays an important role. Think about which kind of device they prefer to you to produce the best quality video. Use a camera with HD quality and clear sound.

For someone who can't afford a quality camera, can use mobiles with HD recording. So don't think like any other average people to shoot average quality video. You won't be a successful YouTuber this way.

5. Be you.

People like Sachin Tendulkar's style of playing. But that went off with his retirement. Such things also happen on YouTube. When you like someone's content or channel or style and try to copy like that, remember the time till you post more videos the trend will be gone. Then it will be more difficult for you to grow up.

Another reason why I insist to be you is, they suit their trends and that's why they grew up. But what if their trend didn't suit you? Remember it's also possible that you might become more creative than all those you want to copy. Therefore it's always better not to copy others. Be you, be original. By copying others you forget your uniqueness.

Dig in yourself to know what you are and add it to your videos. It doesn't matter how much views you get in the beginning. Always remember it takes time to set new and best trends.

6. Don't lengthen your video unnecessarily.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to focus on some unnecessary things. Don't lengthen a 1-minute video to a 5-minute video unnecessarily. The things you can explain in just 1 minute don't stretch it for 5 minutes.

People don't have much time to see your time pass. Get to the matter directly.

If you have read the page; Why visitor bounce from your content you might know that the people want to see what they want as soon as and if you are stretching your video they will skip your video and jump to others. It's not like people actually don't have time, they are hurried these days. They want to get things in a hurry.

Viewers use to get irritated if they found you are stretching the video. So don't lengthen your videos in order to increase your watch time unless and until it is necessary. If you fill your video with filler content to lengthen your video, you might lose the audience.

7. Keep the audience engaged.

According to new Google algorithms updates, it has decided to focus more on watch time instead of individual views.

That means you need to keep your audience engaged throughout your video to increase watch time.

Create your videos as interesting as you can, say clearly what you want to and in catchy words.

Try to be interactive with your audience on social media pages. Let them feel you value their viewership. Another easy way to keep the audience engaged is to reduce filler content in the video.

8. Related keywords.

Keywords are key words to get your video up in the search results. Understanding what your video is all about and putting related keywords can help search engines to get your video rank high in search results and also to viewers to find your video easily.

As we discussed earlier on Why Keywords Are So Important; before you enter the keywords, you should search and know what your audience is looking for on YouTube, the popular keywords related to your niche, what keywords your competitors are using.

Make sure you use appropriate keywords depending upon the type of content you are going to create. Google Trends, YouTube Trends, YouTube's autocompleting search bar are some of the important tools to help you out to know how you can use appropriate keywords and promote your channel with ease.

9. Know your competitors.


If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you must know everything about your competitors.

Studying your competitors allows you to know what keywords they are using in the description, their strengths, their weak points, etc. Follow their strengths and work on their weaknesses to get better than them.

You can also have a close look at what opportunities they are missing so that you can grab them to stay ahead of them. Businessmen use such strategies to beat their competitors.

10. Collaborate with other YouTubers.

You are not an alone creator on YouTube who creates a type of content. There are a lot more YouTubers, whom your content relates. Finding such creators will obviously help you to grow up.

Find likeminded creators and try to collaborate with them. There are many things to know from other creators like how they do it? What kind of strategy they use, what is their secret to be successful etc.

You can learn a lot from famous YouTubers, also you can get their viewers to watch your video. If your video is engaging they may subscribe to your channel and that will help you to be a successful YouTuber.

11. Create thumbnail.

A well-defined thumbnail plays an important role to get a click on your video.

Successful YouTuber make use of thumbnails very often.

Make sure your thumbnail contains a clear preview of the video. You can also include some catchy words to it. But always remember don't mislead your viewers by including irrelevant or controversial content in the thumbnail.

12. Interaction.

The time you start getting comments on your videos; have the habit of replying to their comments. This way you can start interacting with them.

Value and like the comments, keep your visitors engaging in the interaction. Those viewers who like your video may provide you with an incentive by planning to watch the next video.

It is not possible to reply to each and every comment though but you can interact with some of those viewers who you think like your video or who's comments are positive for you.

13. Don't do it for money.

The ultimate aim behind doing anything is to earn money, no doubt. Everyone does it. But when you are a newbie in the business and expecting money from the very first attempt, it is a bit overconfident.

If you want to be successful, don't expect money initially. Do all the hard and smart work required, get you to settle in first. Once you make your name, money will start flowing to you. It takes at least 2-to-3 years for you to get settled on YouTube.

If you are expecting money from the very first video, sorry but you won't last long. It's not all that easy. There are a number of competitors here who are already settled in and to get over them certainly takes time. So it will be better to go with the rules, first establish as a YouTuber and then look for money.

14. Work on viewers suggestion.

How many suggestions will you have a look at? This question definitely arises when you try to focus on implementing viewers suggestions.

There will be a number of suggestions for you. But there is no need to look at every suggestion coming your way. Work on those suggestions which you think are really important for you. This way you can save your time and also let your important viewers feel you value their suggestions.

15. Like, Share And subscribe on YouTube Channel .

In the end, as you know, always make call-to-action, and say “Please like this video, share with your friends and don't forget to hit that subscribe button… bell icon… 

Such a saying make your viewers connect with you. More connection means more views, more views means closer to become a successful youtuber.

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