How To Get 4000 Watch Hours of YouTube Fast

Check out nine best ways to get 4000 watch hours on youtube fast and apply monetization in a month:

1. Post more videos frequently.

I think I have almost explained this point in the above stat section. More the number of videos you upload, less number of views each of your videos requires to reach your target.

If you have 100000 videos on your channel, you need 2 to 3 views per video per year to reach your target and in case you have 240000 videos, you need only a single view per video per year. That might sound unusual but it's a fact and you can't ignore that.

In order to keep your blog on time and more eligible for organic search, Google expects you to post minimum one post per week. Same way if you want to keep your youtube channel in the hunt, Google expects you to post regular videos. From this, you can understand that it's all about consistent postings.

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2. Playlist.

4000 Watch Hours

The playlist consists of a series of videos. It enables the creator with an important function that is Autoplay. Autoplay system plays the next video in the list automatically within a few seconds as soon as the first video ends. That keeps binding the viewer with the channel and by the time they get bored, they would have seen 4, 5 or even more videos. So when viewers see more videos in succession, so playlist highly increases the watch time.

Sometimes people press the home button directly in the middle of the video or as soon the first video completes, in such cases, the video keeps playing for a while and that benefits to count that watch time also. Therefore it is beneficial to link to playlists. You can place a playlist option in the description and at the top of the comments section also.

3. Keep experimenting with video length.

Sometimes people tend to leave watching a longer video in the middle before it ends as they like shorter videos to watch. It's a fact that short length videos can get you more number of views but sometimes it may fail to give complete information for what a viewer is looking for. And if these things happening then the viewers might leave the channel and go elsewhere to get what they want.

The people who make use of mobile device to watch videos feel conservative to watch 10 minutes video and might get away. Such things happen more when they are not into the video or they want to watch but they fill that the video is boring. It is very difficult to let people watch an hour long video. Most of the viewers leave it right away after the first few minutes. But if they watch, will give you more number of watch time.

Length of the video and interest of a viewer depends totally upon the nature of the content.

If people love your content they will be interested to watch even a 15, 20 or an hour video but if they don't like a short video also might get an early drop-off. So don't go for asking any advice about video length that which is better, short or long. It's always better to keep experimenting yourself with the video length that suits better for your content and your audience as well.

4. Attractive metadata.

YouTube metadata is a bunch of certain things. As like on a blog post, it has a video title, description; especially the keywords are important too, as like old meta keywords for SEO.

The custom thumbnail is another one most important aspect of metadata which along with the title lets viewers hang in there in the video even before they are actually on the page.

Remember to go after YouTube's rules for metadata in order to get your video registered and monetized as you have worked a lot for it.

5. Say yes to good views and no to bad views.

Some thinking about buying video views as an option to get a number of views, but no one can guarantees that it will always be useful. Remember its views not watch time and many view sellers take advantage of this. Each view will be there only for 30-60 seconds with only one moto to increase the YouTube view count and that is not actually useful for your channel.

As watch time really worths, in case you are looking to buy watch time, be sure to get what you are actually looking for (watch time, not anything else). YouTube is capable of draining out fake views and that results in a decrease in your watch time by how long the view was. Even the worst thing is they will fine you & your channel if they think you are having bad views.

6. Content.

It is a bit difficult to create unique content as there are so many channels or videos on YouTube. Let's consider not much but few of them may relate to your content. The one who creates more interesting and pleasing contents gets most of the traffic. Most of the times it is someone who is already settled and therefore the competition gets more tougher, but still, you need to stay there.

To stand out different from your competition, you need to decorate your content more differently. Be you, choose your way of expressing. Try to express your content in a more simple way which is easy to understand. Make the highest quality interesting and pleasing content to get most of the traffic.

7. Work in coordination.

Find channel owners who are interested to work in coordination with you and do so. There are some channels who work in conjunction to do things which best suit both their viewers.

Come together to share each other's content with your respective viewers. It will be more beneficial if you are able to retain other viewers. It gives you a great chance to display your content to different viewers.

More you associate with other channels, more will be the viewers, subscribers and also more watch time.

8. Live stream.

It's a fact that people like to spend more time on live video than regular video. The reason being its live communication.

So live stream on YouTube does provide you with a lot of watch time hours.

9. Trending or evergreen?


People are always desperate to know the trending things. They are not interested in going in the past, they love watching trending topics. So creating something on trending things can bring a load of traffic to your channel and so as for watch time. This rise in watch time helps you for a whole year to reach your target.

A few trending topics and you have done 4000 Watch Hours for a year. But such things don't last long, they are temporary. Therefore you need to grab the chance accordingly.

In contrast to the trending stuff, the evergreen content doesn't have the potential to give a sudden rise to fulfill your target but it does help you every passing month. An evergreen video with 1000 views for the first week gives 10 views per week from there on can be quite helpful. It is even possible that it gives a steady 100 to 200 views per month for the whole year and if this happens, it will be pretty much easier for you to get your 4000 watch time.

Bottom Line

These 9 best ways surely help you to try and reach the target of 4000 hours of YouTube watch time; whatever the rules are sure to create good content and have the habit of posting at least one or more videos per week.

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